Every Day you are out there to turn your dreams into reality, for which you could be away from your home. You could be studying in a different state, or working in a new city. Taking care of oneself in such situations can get tough. But often, a familiar taste of home helps in bridging the gap between your mom’s kitchen and you, inspiring you further to achieve your dreams.

That is why EDMeals is here to end your reminiscence by bringing delicious homelike food on your table, despite who you are, where you’re from, or where you are located. 

At EDMeals, we believe that having homely food should not be difficult for anyone no matter where they are. Our vision is to bring you closer to a home-like feeling. With handpicked homestyle chefs, we have every taste that is a reminder that you are never too far from the taste, care and support of your home.

Getting a home-cooked meal should be an easy experience for everyone. EDMeals ensures that every time you buy your ghar ke jaisa khana from our versatile, specialized, and loving home chefs.