How can I partner my restaurant with Edmeals?

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I want to propose a sponsorship with Edmeals


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What is my career scope with Edmeals?

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I want to provide feedback


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How can I edit my order?

You can edit your order before it reaches the home-chef. You can connect with the Edmeals customer care team through chat or call. You cannot edit the order once the order is placed and the home chef starts preparing your order.


How can I cancel my order?

Please contact the Edmeals Customer service number: ____. We at Edmeals will try our best to cancel your order. On successful cancellation, we will have a right to charge you a cancellation fee up to full order value to compensate our home-chef and delivery agent in case your order had been confirmed.


Who do I hold accountable for the order quantity/quality?

The home-chef or the home kitchen will be responsible for order quality and quantity. If you would like to add something to it, please share your feedback with us and we will pass it on to the accountable person.


Is there a minimum value for placing an order?

There is no such value while ordering from Edmeals. You can order for any sum as per your requirement. 


Is there a delivery charge for my order?

You will have to pay a standard delivery fee if your order’s value is below a certain amount. Some home kitchens and chefs might have a standard delivery fee. You can find more details while you review your order.


How long does delivery take?

The time of delivery for your order depends on your location and the condition surrounding the order. On booking your order, you can see an estimated time of delivery for your order.


How can I get an invoice for my order?

You can contact us for an order related query through our email, and we will get back to you in 24 hours.


Can I order from multiple home chefs at once? 

Edmeals currently does not support such services. You can, however, make multiple individual orders from different home chefs.


When will my order be delivered?

Your delivery time depends on the location you’re at and also the availability of the home chef.


Can I change my delivery order post ordering?

You cannot change your delivery address after your meal is on your way. You can, however, talk to the customer support executive to modify your address after placing an order.


Can I order in bulk?

Edmeals reserves the right to limit the number of orders based on supply to provide different varieties of meals to all the customers.


I did not receive an OTP.

Please check your internet and refresh your page. If all is fine from your end then you can contact us for the same.


I want to deactivate my account.

Please mail us in case you want to close your account.


Can I order from beforehand?

You can order meals from Edmeals on-demand only as on now.